May 09 - "Who picks up the stars in the morning?" - Dimo & P.I.F. Band

What is the relationship between P.I.F. and the legendary Queen? What is the most valuable piece of advice for a show business a grandmother can give to her grandson? Does your choice to be a musician in Bulgaria weigh in? These are some of the questions that Dimo Stoyanov will answer in the play "Who picks up the Stars in the Morning?". Directed by Maria Banova and assisted by Ivan Velkov (guitars), Hristo Mihalkov (bass) and Martin Profirov (drums), Dimo ​​will lead the audience through the various stages of his life. The show is made up of six monologues, in which topics everyone can recognize part of themselves - about childhood, loneliness, fame, love and the magic of being a parent. Behind the strong emotional charge and intelligent self-irony in the text are the efforts of Zdrava Kamenova and Dimo. Organic bonding between each of the artist's personal confessions happens with some of P.I.F's most beloved songs like "Fire" and "Staying Here". Enjoy a performance - a concert served with tact, humor and self-knowledge. And a great cast of Dimo ​​Stoyanov.

Access to the concert is absolutely free, and anyone can support Bulgarian music by purchasing a virtual ticket through the URBO platform or via SMS to 1974 with text 'LIVE'. 

#HomeLife and #StayAtHome is an initiative of URBO and Joker Media Rental. The purpose of the initiative is to support the employment of workers in the event industry at this difficult time and to encourage people to stay at home, but also to give them the opportunity to have fun, making home stay a little easier and more interesting. 



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